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FOR FREE CONSULTATION - Dubai +971 544438816 / Qatar +974 33195277 / India +91 98463 43333
Best Surgical and Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Dubai

FAQ's Hair's Culture

What is the difference between hair replacement and hair fixing?
Hair replacement is a cosmetic correction where a customized hair system is done and replaced on the affected area using adhesives. Hence every single strand of hair looks like it is growing out of your scalp, but hair fixing is a procedure where a conventional synthetic hair wig is attached using clips or elastics.
What is the product life?
One hair system can be used for up to 15 months with periodic maintenance
Are there any side effects?
There are no major side effects.
Are any celebrities using your product?
Yes, there are a few.
How much time would the whole procedure take?
It may vary from one day to 90 days, depending on the size of your bald scalp and hair texture on your side and back.
What kind of adhesives does Hair's culture use?
All the adhesives we use are FDA approved.
Is there any guarantee or warranty?
Generally one unit can be used for 15 months depending on clients care and maintenance.
What is the difference between Hair's culture and other companies?
Undetectable Hair Systems, Instant Visible Results, Completely Breathable, 100% Satisfied & Happy Customers, The Best Quality Products in Expert Hands, Ultra-customised Solution, The Best Quality Natural Hair, Clinically Tested & Approved Materials Safe & Gentle on Skin, No Side Effects, Growing Service Network & Clients.
Can we take shower with hair system on?
Yes, of course, you can live a normal life, you can swim, sleep and shower.
How much does it cost?
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