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FOR FREE CONSULTATION - Dubai +971 544438816 / Qatar +974 33195277 / India +91 98463 43333
Best Non Surgical Hair replacement in Qatar

Care / Maintenance Hair's Culture

For New Users

There are no medications—internal and external— involved as the procedure is entirely nonsurgical.

As our hair system uses natural human hair and skin friendly adhesives, chances of reactions or allergies are very slim. However, those who have very sensitive skin might experience minor irritation or rashes and both of which are easily treatable. Our experienced staff will assist you to get rid of any irritation or reactions.

Best Non Surgical Hair replacement in Dubai

Regular Care and Maintenance

Our hair system uses natural human hair, which is matched to your existing hair in density, colour, and pattern. Being natural, the system is also prone to all the wear and tear that natural hair is susceptible to. So you may experience hair loss from the system, which is quite natural, and also with time, the adhesive might need to be reapplied as well. Hair addition can be done whenever necessary.

The amount of hair loss or damage is directly linked to the customer’s body characteristics and lifestyle. Those who live an active lifestyle and those who sweat more might need shorter service intervals. Typically a hair system needs to be cleaned every 2-3 weeks.

Hair System Service

Our customers can fix an appointment and walk into their nearest Hair’s Culture centre to get their systems serviced by our expert staff. The system is inspected for broken or lost hair or any other damage that needs repair. This system after inspection will be reattached using fresh adhesive.

This process usually takes up to an hour and a half depending on the extent of maintenance required. In cases where the system cannot be repaired or takes a long time for repair, it will be sent to our headquarter for repair.

The ideal methodology that we recommend to all our clients is to go for two hair systems so they can shift between the two every time a service is due. This ensures longer shelf life for the system as well as avoiding the customer the hassle of not having an alternate piece while the other has gone for maintenance.

Care Instructions for Celebrities / Frequent Travellers / those who do not have easy access to the service centre

For people that prefer anonymity or travel or are based far from our service centres, our staff will be happy to either service the system at the clients’ premises or even teach the clients to service the system themselves. This eliminates the need for regular visit to our service centres. Just courier us the system and we will send it back after repairs.

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