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Hair Transplant FUE

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is the most effective way of restoring hair. This is the procedure under which each hair transplanted into the scalp to match with the patient's previous hair growth pattern where the new hair will continue to grow. Through this procedure, you will get permanent hair.

Hair transplant is a treatment in which a dermatological surgeon who has an expertise in hair transplant field moves hair to a bald area of the head.

They usually make the movement of hair from the back side of the head to the top of the head. This treatment is done under local anaesthesia.

Why hair culture?

At hairs culture we offer the state of the art hair transplant infrastructure in terms of equipment, hygiene and highly trained staff. All human being desire to look their best, with a lush crown of hair on their heads. However, one of the problems that people the world over face is that of hair loss and damage. Scientifically studying the problem, doctors have identified various causes as stated above. Nevertheless, when it comes treating the problem of hair loss taking recourse to hair transplant is the best solution.

hairs culture


Donor area is marked, a vertical line is drawn in front of the ear, behind this vertical line, in the parietal and occipital area, 2cm of healthy hair are left in the upper and the lower margins . The area within the above mentioned margins is considered the Donor area for FUE.

A shaved donor area is needed for Follicular unit extractions. The donor area can be partially or completely shaved. If the Donor area is completely shaved, 2000-3000 follicular units can be extracted in one day surgery. If donor area is partially shaved in a way that top hair cover the shaved areas, in this situation only 1000-1500 follicular units can be extracted.

For extraction few Doctors prefer using manual punches and few prefer motorized punches . There is also a suction based extraction machine, hair technician mostly operate this machine to save time for the hair transplant surgeon. There is robotic machine available for follicular unit extraction as well.The goal in using any of the above-mentioned technique is minimum damage during extraction.

The extracted follicular units are already trimmed, before planting the follicular units, they are treated with A Cell Growth factor solution. The survival of follicular units are 90 – 100 %.

The transplanted area is noticeable for 10 -15 days.

Reasons to Choose FUE

If the life style of the client is to wear the hair very short like number 1 machine or keeping the hair shaved most of the time, FUE is better choice of not having any visible scaring in the donor area.

If client does not want to have incision and stitches, FUE can be chosen.

Advantages of FUE

Once the donor area heals , there is no noticeable scarring in the donor area.

Client has the flexibility to wear the hair extremely short or even shave off the hair without the fear of any visible scaring in the donor area.

If the donor area is very light, FUE technique can be used.

FUE can be repeated after one month.

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