Hair Replacement

Hair replacement is a proven and a realistic option for those seeking significant hair restoration. Hairs Cultures hair replacement system is custom cut and tailored to meet individual requirements, ensuring an undetectable, easy to use and maintain hair system.

Our experienced stylists and team of well qualified and dedicated hair loss experts identifies existing hair characteristics of the individual to design an undetectable, easy to use hair replacement system which accurately integrate with the existing hair.

Hairs Cultures latest non surgical hair replacement systems comprise of a fine camouflage skin membrane and actual human hair.

Hairs Culture’s hair replacement systems procedure:

Non surgical hair replacement is attained by attaching a undetectable camouflage skin to the scalp. This transparent layer implanted with human hair will be custom tailored to match the existing hair characteristics of the individual. The in-depth design specifications of the hair replacement system ensures that the color, density, hair wave and crown matches with the existing hair characteristics of the individual.

Hairs Culture’s hair replacement systems would take up to eight weeks to develop a custom tailored hair replacement system.The transparent, undetectable camouflage skin layer allows the scalp skin to be visible offering a natural look and feel to the crown and partings.

The non surgical hair replacement procedure is far superior and more advanced than the traditional hair fixing procedures. Hair fixing is available at a cheaper cost as the membranes are standard “one-size-fits-all” base which can never match accuracy or precise integration for different scalp specifications.

At Hairs Culture, human hair is used as the hair fiber as it is natural and compatible with all grooming products acceptable to natural hair. Hair fixing systems use synthetic hair which can burn or melt when subjected to hot water or other hair products.

Non Surgical hair replacement systems is not a single procedure that will last forever. Hair systems have a life span of close to a year due to the occurrence of discoloration, weathering and shedding which happens over a period of time. Additional hair systems would be required to take account in case of further hair loss.

During the initial purchase, it would be ideal to opt for two hair systems as the systems would need to be removed, cleaned and reattached in approximately every two weeks.

Hairs Culture is a full-service hair replacement studio offering a holistic, luxurious and complete hair replacement experience. At Hairs Culture, our trained stylists ensure personalized and confidential, non-surgical hair replacement advice from initial consultation till hair replacement.