Non Surgical Hair Replacement is a relatively new terminology used in India. It is often compared to the traditional hair fixing procedures or badly worn wigs used by elderly men when the wig manufacturing was at a very nascent stage as compared to today’s technological advancements.

A myth can be termed as an invented story, an idea or concept and non surgical hair replacement solution is surrounded by numerous myths.

When it comes to hair replacement systems anybody who is new to this tend to have predetermined views on how they look and perform. There is also a fair chance that you come across a person who is using a non-surgical hair replacement system. You often unnoticed the difference unless they tell you or you are a wearer yourself and have a keen eye.

If you are already using an advance hair replacement system you will already know that every one of the following perceived facts is incorrect.

They Fall Off easily
Pictured in most movies how wigs fly off easily with a strong gush of wind is very common. This is not the actual case a properly attached hair replacement system can withstand all your daily activities including swimming.

They Look unreal
Up to a certain degree this can be true. If it’s a poorly made wig not matching your hair line and hair color it can stand out. However, when investing in a non surgical hair replacement system developed by professional stylists and team of well qualified and dedicated hair loss experts make a huge difference. The professional hair stylists will identify the existing hair characteristics and design an easy to use hair replacement system which will accurately integrate with your existing hair.

They are Uncomfortable
Hair replacement systems are light and comfortable. A well fitted, well ventilated hair replacement system ensures comfort and breathability for your scalp. .

They Cannot Be Styled

The hair in modern hair replacement systems can be cut and styled in any manner. When designing the hair system you have the complete control over the type of hair, density thin hair, straight or wavy – it’s all your choice.

The Hair does not look natural
Today’s hair replacement systems are made are made from natural human hair or to real synthetic hair. Both types look totally natural. The difference in undetectable

You Can’t Use a Hair Dryer or hair straightner
The hair replacement system will have a temperature limit but provided you keep it within this limit you can style your hair with heated appliances in the same way you would real hair.

They Are Difficult To Maintain
Based on your personal preferences the hair loss studio’s expert stylists provide specific and customized services for simple care and maintenance of your hair replacement system